Rhema Durban
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Dr. Roshan & Pastor Zubeda Sing

Pastor Roshan and Zubeda are the Senior Pastors of Rhema Durban, they have been serving in God's Kingdom for years and that has given them an excellent edge with helping people deal with life and it's challenges yet at the same time come into grip with acknowledging the Higher Life and Calling that God has called us to.

Dr. Roshan was Hindu and Pastor Zubeda was Muslim, their depth of understanding and wisdom mixed with the broadness of intelligence really makes their teachings dynamic.

They are multi-gifted speakers and teachers of God's Word. They travel extensively and minister powerfully under the anointing of The Holy Ghost in Word and also with signs, wonders and miracles following.

Pastor Zubeda & Dr. Roshan minister in Churches and conferences alike, where The Lord leads - they aim their best to follow and please Him.

Dr. Sing is a Prophet, Counselor, Author of over 20 Christian Books and writes a Daily Devotional - "Faith Chronicles" that has reached many nations beyond the shores of South Africa like India, England, United States of America, Brazil and Beyond!

They truly have a good shepherds spirit and love to see the people of God thrive in their faith and in their lives!